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Activate Your MySubway Card Online

Subway is one of the most popular fast food restaurants around the world. There provide many different offers to you. If you get the card you would get the easy access to your meals and especially the subway sandwiches. These cards were introduced in 2006. These cards have some preloaded amount and you can pay your bill by these cards. Rewards are also given I place of these cards in the form of free food or free drinks. These cards also qualify you to the special bonus offers given by the company. The following instructions will help you in the activation of your card.


  • You can buy your Subway card at your local Subway outlet. When you buy the card the cashier will also tell you about the limit of the money you can load on your card. For the activation of your card you must have more than $5 in your card. The price of the card will be extra that money will not be included in your card.
  • Now you need to create an account on . For this you need to visit the subway website. There you need to select “create my account”. The creation of account will allow you to manage all the transaction of your money and the account.
  • The account registration form is very easy to fill. You just need to enter your basic information or the information they are asking. Like you need to provide them your name, date of birth, zip code, email address, a suitable account password and a security question for the safety of your personal information.
  • After the creation of your account now you need to activate your Subway Card. Registration or the activation of your Subway Card will allow you to add more cash to your account. You would also be able to see how many points you got.
  • Now after registering your Subway Card  you can go to any Subway location and there you can buy food with the help of your purchased Subway Card. For the first time give your card to the cashier and buy some food. The first payment will also activate your card. You can also collect points and then redeem those points and get benefit.


You should buy a Subway Card as it has many advantages. It reduces the risk of having cash in your pockets. It also saves your time and you can get many offers also.