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Register At My WalMart To Get Benefits

My Walmart takes care its employees they think for their betterment and want to give them better life.By providing them benefits and other rewards they are making easier lives of the employees. The online account provides the wide variety of offers and benefits such as you can check the order status or balances with purchasing history. It is really very simple, easy or costs nothing.

About Company:

WalMart is the highest chain of retail store which serves to the members and customersin the United States. They serve in a way there customers want to be the served such as in retail stores, mobile devices and through online website. It operates the 69 retail outlet stores in 27 different states. It has now 2.2 million employees which associates all around the world.

Detailed Procedure:

  • Enter the URL in the navigation bar.
  • Click on the link “register” to complete the sign up process.
  • The next page as directed to provide the information about the requirements.
  • Click on the button “Go” for further precede the process.
  • You will provide the identification number of WalMart in the field.
  • After this type your date of birth.
  • In addition, you will enter the your hiring date.
  • After that, type the characters in the blank field that are shown below.
  • click on the button “Go”.
  • In next page, you will enter the user ID, email address and password.
  • After verify the email address and password, click on the marked button “sign up”.

For login, you will visit the and fill out the blank fields by providing the

  • User ID and password.
  •  To access the account, click on the button “login”.


You can check your work schedule and can view the benefits that they offer. You can also connect with the associates by visiting the online official website. The sign up process is completely free to use. You can view the status of balance and orders with the complete history details.