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Enroll In Netspend To Activate Card

Netspend organization is the leading and well known provider that offers the reloadable debit cards and other financial services in the United States. They serve approximately 60 million customers who don’t have traditional account in bank and others who rely on the alternative means like financial services. The aim is to offer the financial services and products that usually give power to the customers with freedom, security and convenience to be the self-banked. They operates the business since 1999, the customers make purchases online, manage the amount and pay the bills also without having the credit history and checking account.

Step By Step Guide:

  • First of all, you will open the browser and then type the URL in the navigation bar.
  • The home page will be displayed, click on the option “activate card” that will be placed at the top of the web page.
  • The next page will require the following information.
  • You will enter the card number in the required field.
  • Do not add the space and dashes between the digits.
  • After that you will enter the 3 digit CW number that will be located on the back of your prepaid debit card.
  • Click on the button “continue”.
  • In the next section, you will enter the state or city name from the specific list and then enter the zip code of your area in the located box.
  • In this way, you will able to find the reload centers.
  • In other section, you will enter the card number or account number and then reload number in the next field to complete the activation process.

After activating the prepaid debit card, you can use it for groceries, gas, travel and more. You can use the debit card at dozens of different locations where debit cards are acceptable. It is the safer way than carrying the cash. After activation of card, you may take control of the finances and then manage the amount also.


It has especially developed as the fully integrated and proprietary payment platform. The integrated capabilities permit to customize the services and products for wide variety of distribution channels, customer segments and markets. The card holders may gain access to maintain the account data, transaction processes and stay in touch with the issuing banks and distributors as well.