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File Online Unemployment Claim At NjuiFile

Unemployment is increasing very fast with passage of time. It is all due to the financial crisis. Now, it is very tough to meet the requirements and challenges of today life. If you are a resident of New Jersey then you can get help from the department of labor and workforce development. This department provides an opportunity to the peoples to apply for unemployment benefits and then they can provide the compensation in short period of specific time. You can receive the benefits and funds by giving the unemployment claim to the government.

About Employment Claim

In the state of New Jersey, the federal government provides the services and benefits to the labors, business operators, students, workers and job seekers. The department of labor and workforce development provides the useful and convenient system for the unemployment claim online. Those who are looking for job and still unemployed can avail this opportunity and receive the benefits from the state after fill out the claim requirements.


  • You need to have legal residence in the New Jersey state.
  • Need to have a social security number and information about employment.

Detailed Instructions

  • Go to the website to fill out the unemployment claim.
  • Enter the address in the search bar.
  • In the home page, click on the “File an Unemployment Claim” button.
  • Carefully, read out the instructions and click on “File a claim”.
  • Select the “yes” and “No” option to identify that you have online ID or password to receive the unemployment benefits.
  • If you have an account then click on the button “yes”.
  • If not then you will provide the personal information, email address and contact number in the required fields.
  • Create the online ID or password for Sign in.
  • Follow the instructions to fill the claim.
  • Provide the proof of U.S citizenship.
  • Enter the social security card number and bank account number.
  • Enter the full name, address, country and zip code in the required fields.
  • Provide the correct phone number.
  • Provide the driver’s license and photo identification card number.

These services and benefits will be deposit to your bank account directly when you qualify for benefits.


With the use of NJUI file, you can get the service to claim for unemployment benefits online. It is really very easy, helpful, convenient and useful service. They never charge to file an unemployment claim online.