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Get $5 Discount In Office Max Feedback Survey

A typical office environment is incomplete without the buzz of a printer machine and the stapling sound of the staplers however whenever the office administration gets the new office supplies there is a new energy observed running in the staff. The feeling of the new supplies perks them up and they stay more energized for quite some time. Your new office supplies not only keep the standard of your work to perfection but they also make the employees feel that they are working in a standard or high quality atmosphere.

About Office Max:

Office Max is one of the best retail chains of office supplies which was founded in the year of 1988 in Cleveland, Ohio, United States. The headquarters are present in Naperville, Illinois, United States. There are about 991 numbers of stores working under the management of the company and with the increasing demand they are also planning to expand even further. You can also order up online by visiting their website and creating an account. You can also apply for their membership.

Step By Step:
  • Having the receipt is essential and it is best if it is from your recent visit.
  • Visit: .
  • Once you have reached the page then provide the date and time of your visit along with the store number. You will also provide the amount you spend along with the survey code which will be compromising on 12 digits. You will have to enter the code without the “_” accurately. You don’t have to memorize the information since your receipt will be having it accurately.
  • You can select language on this page.
  • Fill out the answers of the survey. Make sure that they are based on your experience.
  • The procedure will take a few minutes and submission will be completed in seconds.
  • If you are done then at the end of the survey you will be given a $5 off coupon or code which you can redeem on your next visit to the store. To redeem this prize it is essential that you have to spend $25 to get the discount of $5.

Now by your simple opinions you can make a company just according to your likings. It is time to realize the intensity of your power.