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How To Apply For A QVC QCard?

A type of a credit card offered only to the Q members is known as Qcard. QVC was created by Joseph Segel in 1986. Quality, value and convenience are the three words of which QVC is the abbreviation. The creator of this was committed never to compromise these three promises. In 2011 about 8.3 annually was the sale of this company and about 2.6 billion came from the e-Commerce. At present the company is like the front most video retailer and retailer of commerce throughout the world. In the sense of ranks, conditions, and revenue they are proved as the biggest multimedia shopping organization around the world. Now-a-days it is working on vast variety of products like beauty, electronics, jeweler, home goods, electronics and several accessories.


  • You must have a computer which can access internet
  • You are required to be satisfied mentally
  • You must be adult or older
  • The information provided by you should be accurate so there is no problem in contact for the delivery of your card


  • Visit:
  • You will be asked the information i.e. email address and pin code; enter the required information in the related fields
  • Then verify your pin code there is a button “next”, click on it
  • You have to select a title from a dropdown menu under the heading “title”, select “Ms./Mrs.” one of them
  • There are fields on the next page enter your first and last name in the related fields
  • There is a field next too name under the heading “address”, enter your address in the field
  • Enter your city name in the required field
  • There is a dropdown menu under the heading state and province select your state or province in which you are living
  • Then you have to select the country where you want to apply for the card
  • Enter your home phone number as well as phone number of your work place
  • There is a button “continue”, click on it
  • This is it now you are done with your applying process and now wait for the response from the company


This service is providing you an easy way of shopping online; you can get your Qcard, a form of credit within minute or hours sitting in your home which saves your time and energy.