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Win Rack Room Shoes Survey Rewards

Rackroom provides a great service for those who are crazy about their shoes and have a habit of shoe collection. Company is providing shoes for all age groups and provides products for athletic, dress and casual for both women as well as men. Besides these all products shoe care, back pack, comfort insoles for kids and shoe laces and such accessories are also offered by this service. High class brands including timberland, adidas, and PUMA are kept for men and for women brands like Sahara, Franco fortinis, and Bjorndel are provided. It also provides many private brands from mid-market.

About Survey:

This survey has proved helpful in making the service better and makes it appreciable by the customers. The customers are given an open platform to their customers to take this survey.


  • Visit:
  • There is a small yellow calendar widget select the date from the given calendar when you visited the store last time
  • There  is a dropdown menu choose the shopping state in which you did your last time shopping
  • There is also a dropdown menu for the store you went for shopping, choose the store
  • The best part of this survey is that you have to give a very short information and the rest of form is filled by the computer
  • In the required field enter the price of the product you purchased, keep in mind that you are just needed to enter the digits not this sign “$”
  • There is button “next” click on it
  • After hitting the “next” button you are given a survey questionnaire fill it honestly which afterwards help the service to be improved
  • Now are asked to give your personal information to be contacted by the service providers so that you are informed if you have won any reward.


  • You must have an internet accessing computer
  • You must provide all the information exact and accurate.
  • You must have the receipt of your shopping for the store number and purchase price


The survey is beneficial for the service providers as well as for the customers. Customers are also rewarded 5$ coupon for taking this survey. And you can get discount for your next visit. If you complain about the services, the service providers make improvement for the next time.