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Complete this Smoothie King survey to receive a special offer! 

Have you recently purchased a beverage from Smoothie King? Did you spend some quality time there with friends or family? Maybe not. But either way, Smoothie King would like to hear your comments and thoughts with regards to your last experience at Smoothie King. Smoothie King will use all customer responses to improve its customer service and product lineup going forward. After completing the survey, you will receive a validation code, which you can use to redeem the special offer printed on your survey invitation.
What you’ll need:
1.  A valid receipt from a previous visit to Smoothie King.
2. Approximately 8-10 minutes of your time to answer some straightforward questions regarding your last experience at Smoothie King.
How to complete the Smoothie King Customer Satisfaction survey to get a special offer:
1. Navigate over to the Smoothie King website.
2. Enter the important information displayed on your survey invitation, including store number, date and time of visit. (see below screenshot)
3. Click on the “Start” button to continue.
4. Carefully follow the directions to complete the survey successfully. Try to respond to the survey questions as genuinely as you can. Your honest feedback is much appreciated.
5. Ensure that your contact details are correct so that you will receive the validation code for the special offer from Smoothie King.
About Smoothie King:
Smoothie King is an American retailer of smoothie drinks. Louisiana was the location of the very first outlet, which opened its doors in 1973. Today, the chain operates in 630 locations nationwide.