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Sign Up For Study Island E-Learning Program

One of the members of archipelago learning is Study Island. It is a PLATO learning company and among the service provider of education product it is the leading one. Subscription based software are also provided by this to keep the level of education high. The students of kindergarten can get the information which they want to have by it and it came in existence in 2000. The performance of study courses is enhanced by E-learning process and it includes assignments, reviews, practice, educational tools, standard based information and details. Through the specific platforms of education the students are helped by the Study Island online.

Each course is designed in a manner which is not difficult for the students as well as for the teachers to use. It provides efficient, affordable and attractive courses for each student.


  • You must have a computer which can access internet
  • You must have Google chrome, Mozilla or Firefox installed in your computer
  • All the information provided by you should be correct and accurate especially your phone number and email address so you can be contacted easily


  • Visit:
  • Open the sign up page from the homepage
  • A demo sign up form is given which you have to fill accurately
  • Enter your full name in the fields under heading “first name”, “last name”
  • There is a dropdown menu from where select your state or province in which you are living
  • There is field under the heading “school name”, enter your full school name
  • Enter you email address and give the verification email address
  • Enter your phone number if you want to be contacted on phone
  • There are two categories “student” and “teacher”, select the one you want to apply for
  • There is a dropdown menu under the heading “how did you hear about us?”, you have to select one option
  • There is a text box given for your comments type your comments good or bad for the betterment of the service
  • There is a button “submit”, click on it and now you have completed the sign up process and you can access your desired information related to your education


By this service all the students can get benefits and also the teachers can have recent information to deliver among the students to make the educational high.