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Find People For Free By Using Switch Board

In this modern world, a service to find people for free and easy way is by using switch board. This is an easy way to locate and find the people and to know about their exact location and profile. This easy way is absolutely free of cost.

About Company:

Switch boar is a service which provides information in order to find a business or a person from yellow and white pages directory. It is an easy and free way to find about the location of a person by using his name only. Basically it is a directory which contains information about the different people of the world.



  • Go to
  • On homepage of switch board, you will see a tabbed window. Click on find a person.
  • There are three options to search. One is through White pages, second is through reverse phone lookup and last is through Public records search
  • If you have name and city location of the person then go for white pages or Public records search
  • If you have a phone number then go for reverse phone lookup
  • Press search.
  • The last one contains other resources in case if you are facing problems, follow the given resource websites.
  • After searching you will be taken to the next page with the result founds.

This process is 100% free. After joining you will be receiving the information related to your entry. You will come to know about his or her place, location, address etc and then can contact him easily.

One can follow this finding or joining process through online websites such as google, facebook, emails, and yahoo and even by linking in other accounts, you can find the outcome or information related to a specific person.


Switch board is an important service in order to find a person from any part of the world. This is an easy access to your findings. This directly will help you in maximum outcome of results of your search.