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Get Discount In RaceTrac Customer Satisfaction Survey

A customer satisfaction survey to know the feelings of the customers is conducted by the RaceTrac. The customers are free to say any thing they want to. If the customers do not like a product or a thing they can tell this through the survey and the things or the services can be changed. The reviews of any person are not ignored by the company. The company makes its best efforts to provide the perfect to their customers.If you are participating in the survey you can leave a feedback for the company about their services and products. This feedback is very important for the company to know what is liked and what is disliked by their customers. A small reward is also given to you to make your next visit more enjoyable. The discounts offers provided on these feedbacks are not necessary to consume you either can refuse to take them.


  •  You need a computer which can access internet.
  • You should be able to understand and read Spanish or English.
  • You must have the receipt in your hand.

Step By Step

  •  Visit the website of RaceTrac at
  • Select the language which you understand and click on the arrow.
  • Type the store number in the required field given on the receipt and click on the arrow shaped button for next step.
  • From the receipt type your total spent, date and home zip code in the given fields and click on the arrow for the next step.
  • A list of questions is asked from you about RaceTrac, answer them honestly.
  • At the end of the questions you are also asked the name of the employees of the store you visited, if possible then answer this question honestly.
  • A redemption code of four numbers is given at the end of the survey. Note this code on the back of your receipt and show it at your next visit for a surprise item.
  • To record the feedback click on the button “complete survey” and your survey is completed.


The survey is for the betterment of the company and also for the customers as the company got to know its drawbacks or plus points while by this the customers get the things of their demand.