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Get Free Cookies In Tell Subway Survey

Subway is a registered trade mark service owned by Doctor’s Associates Inc. This is one of the largest food selling brands of the world. They provide you the best quality food around the world. They also give many discount offers to their members and regular customers.


If you have visited a subway restaurant and have bought some food there then you should participate in the online survey. Subway provides one cookie for each member every week for completing the survey of their website. In order to complete the survey you need to follow the following instructions.

1)      First of all you should have a computer system connected with high speed internet to complete the survey.

2)      The other thing you need to have is a receipt of your purchase at Subway. So do not throw the receipt.

3)      The process of doing the survey is very easy you just to follow the instructions step by step.

4)      First of all open your internet browser and write  in the address bar and press “Enter”.

5)      Now the page will open and there you are supposed to enter the Subway Store ID number at the given place.

6)      The Subway Store ID number is written on your Subway purchase receipt.

7)      After entering the Store ID press the search button.

8)      Then you will be asked some questions about the dining experience at Subway. Answer the questions and leave your email address at the given space and then click on “Submit”.

9)      After this you will get a coupon code via email at the email address you just provided.

10)   You can use this coupon code and show it to the Subway restaurant and then you can get a free cookie.

11)   This is an easy way to get a free cookie. This cookie is a reward for you in making the subway better.


Subway has the thousands of locations in about 97 countries around the world. Subway is one of the largest chains of sandwiches in the whole world. Subway conducts these surveys to know about the customer views to improve the quality of the provided. They also try to improve their services through these surveys. This survey is open for all the Subway customers. You just need to have that purchase receipt with you in order to conduct a survey because without that receipt you would not be able to provide the Subway Store number.