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Sign Up For Texas Surcharge Online Services

Texas is a completely transformed state with traffic rules and law enforcement regulations. They have created their own online website. This shows that they are more concerned with the traffic rules. People have to pay the surcharges or the fine if they broke any traffic rules and regulations. They created this online website so that people can pay their surcharges online easily by sitting at their homes.

Online Account:

You can get many benefits with this online account

  • You can view your account information.
  • You can also check the status of your surcharge account easily while sitting at your home.
  • You can pay your surcharge quickly.
  • There are also some limitations with your online account. Although you can pay your surcharge online but you cannot replace the other actions like suspensions, revocations, and disqualification or cancellation actions.


In order to get the access of the Texas online account you will need

  • A valid Texas driving license.
  • ID card number.
  • Department of public safety assigned number.
  • A valid credit or debit card to pay the surcharge online.


Following instructions will help you in accessing the Texas Online Account.

  • Open up your internet browser and go to the .
  • The homepage will appear on the screen, now click on the “online services”.
  • After this you are supposed to enter your driving license number.
  • After entering the driving license number you will be asked to enter your ID number.
  • Now select the department of public safety assigned number.
  • After this you will be asked to enter your personal information like your last name, your date of birth and the zip code of your area.
  • After giving the entire information click on the button labeled as “Log in”.
  • Now you can get the access for the online services provided by the Texas surcharge account.


Texas Online Surcharge Account will help you to pay your surcharge or fine quickly by sitting at your home but once your case has reached to the court then you would not be able to pay your surcharge and have to face the inquiry. This website is supported by the Texas department of public safety. Therefore you should create your account to enjoy the facilities.