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Activate your Univision Tarjeta MasterCard Online

Recent years have brought many rapid changes in the way how you pay your payments. Prepaid cards and have made life much easier and convenient for you. Advantages of both credit and debit cards are present in Prepaid cards. Everyone can have them. Univision is also now offering their prepaid cards. You can easily get them by going through various steps.

About Univision Prepaid Card:

The Univision prepaid card is a prepaid debit card. MasterCard is the company which backs it. As everyone knows that MasterCard is accepted everywhere so you can use it where ever you want. There is one advantage for people that it is not a credit card. There will be no fear of any debt, overdraft penalty fees or any minimum balance penalties.


  • You should be well educated to read all their instructions and terms and conditions.

Stepwise Guidance:

  • Open their official website that is
  • Over there you will find option for applying for the prepaid MasterCard. Click on that option.
  • A box will appear asking you about the temporary card. If you already have the card then you just tick on that box.
  • Then you need to type the social security number and your card number where asked.
  • You may also tick the option of “I do not have temporary card” if you do not really have.
  • Later card user information will be asked. Fill it.
  • You will be asked to write your first name and last name, as it is for mentioning on your card.
  • In other boxes provide information related to your zip code, city, state and your whole address.
  • In other fields, your valid email address and mobile number will be asked. Just write it carefully.
  • After filling, just go through their privacy policies and terms and conditions.
  • Then if you want to write promotional code you may write that. It is not compulsory.
  • Click on the ‘accept’ if you have read everything carefully.
  • After this click on the button Continue.
  • Lastly verification has to be done.


Applying for the MasterCard is very easy through the Univision. Even this card can be used in the ATM machines besides shopping. Payment of online bills or making directing deposits into your bank accounts is possible through this.