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Register Vax Product To Get Your Guarantee

Now if you are facing any kind of problem after purchasing the product or if you need a guarantee assurance with them, then you can apply for a guarantee with the process given below.


  • For your machine guarantee registration, you must have a purchased item from the company, so that your can further claim for its guarantee.
  • For the guarantee claiming procedure on a purchased machine from the company, go to the company’s official web site by going on this link. .
  • Make sure you have a serial number of your product. You can find it on the receipt of purchased given by the company.
  • After you will have access to the above link, you can see many options related to product type that company is selling right now. You will have to choose one of them which you have purchased and you need a guarantee registration for it. All the product types with their pictures are listed on the site like carpet cleaner, steam, cylinder and much more. Click any one of them to select the product.
  • After clicking, the product type, choose the product range of your choice. Again ranges are listed with pictures. Click on your desired range.
  • After you will have selected the product range, then select the model number of your selected product type and product range. Click on you desired product model in the model box and click on the “Select” button in the box.
  • After this, you will have to give some of details asked by the company. You will have to give your details first, in the Contact details section. Fill out the text fields related to your name, address and contact details.
  • In the section below, give the information of Purchase details. Give your Guarantee Duration, serial number, purchase date, price and location in the relevant fields.
  • Click on the “Submit” button below all the fields after you have done with completing the registration page. After you will click on the button, your request of guarantee will be given to the company.
  • Please be sure that you are filing for the guarantee registration with in 28 days of product purchase.

 About Company:

The Company is retailing in best electronic products for all type of your home and office use. You can now purchase the items online with much ease and also apply for your purchased product guarantee.