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Download The Learning Lodge Navigator For VTech Toys

Tablet PC is a most demanding electronic device in this age. This is known as Vtech Inno Tab. It serves the function of educating the children. It has many characteristics. Most people consider it a mere toy but it is false. It has applications like those of e-book and educational games for children.

About VTech:

It is one of the leading suppliers in the world. Its abbreviation is Video Technology Ltd. A company of Hong Kong dealing in electronics, cordless telephones, educational toys for children, email appliances and many other things. Besides Inno Tab their other products are V Flash game console, V smile learning system and many others educational games.

Purpose Of Learning Lodge Navigator:

For the Inno Tab this program of learning lodge navigator has been introduced. Your platform which you are choosing for installing the learning lodge navigator can be chosen from the website of Vtech. For your Inno Tab you can choose many of the free software and other applications through the help of learning lodge navigator.

Learning Lodge Assists You In Number Of Ways:

  • Online, in the learning lodge navigator there will be number of interesting games and stories for your children. You will be startled to see a long list of all such games and stories.
  • You can easily approach the download library.
  • It helps in getting updated information about your learning software.
  • Learning assistant tools are also the benefit of this navigator. You will gain the benefit of additional learning tools.
  • For downloading the application for this learning lodge navigator, the process is very much easy. It will take very little time.


  • You should have an internet connection with a very good speed. So that downloading process completes quickly and easily.
  • You should be an educated person otherwise you would not be able to read all the instructions. Chances of mistakes can occur.


  • Visit:
  • Then selection of platform has to be made. The one you are using between your PC and Mac.
  • After this the downloading process of learning lodge navigator will start at once, automatically.
  • When the downloading process is completed, a file will appear.
  • Just double click on that file and installation of learning lodge navigator will start on your computer.
    If any problem occurs, you can get help from the customer support center  i.e.any time homepage of VTech toys can be visited.


Thus by following these above mentioned simpler steps you can easily download the learning lodge navigator for your VTech toys and enjoy many of the exciting features. You can enhance the learning of your children through very interesting method.