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xBox Window Media Pc Setup Guide

The Xbox 360 is software designed to make links with windows PCs and with the help of which the media sharing is enabled including images, videos and music. It seems easy to handle but, it’s not like that. It demands for local network and wireless one  is more preferred to setup windows media center. If you are looking for the method to install the software on the console this guide will definitely help you.


  • A computer
  • Internet connection
  • Xbox 360 console
  • Windows vista or XP
  • Windows media player 11
  • A router
  • For local network and Ethernet cable


  • You are needed to boot up the Xbox 360 console. Open “my Xbox” on the right side is an option “windows media center” scroll right to access it, click on the button marked “green/A”
  • A prompt is given click on the button “continue”, type the setup key number in the required field and click on the button “continue”. This code is needed for the setup of wireless local network
  • From your media PC visit the website click on the option “windows media player 11”. Launch this on your system and then access the option “share my media” by clicking on “library” and then “media sharing”
  • From the list of given search the device “Xbox 360”, click on it and click on “allow” and then “OK”
  • Navigate to your Xbox 360 console and from the dashboard enter “my Xbox” and go to picture, music or video library. The files that are detected from your computer by the Xbox 360 will be shown on each click, and also the computers are listed at the bottom of the list of the devices. It will show the text “memory card” or “hard drive” at top, and peripherals are also referred that are attached to console.


The setup is quite easy and not so complicated to handle. You can do it online in just half an hour. The process is quick and depends on your internet speed.